Shanghai Copak Industry Co., Ltd. Sourcing Office In Shanghai

Shanghai COPAK Industry Co., Ltd. established in 2015, with sales office in Shanghai and associated factory in Zhejiang. COPAK is a professional supplier of Eco-friendly food & beverage packaging products: PET cups, PET bottles, Paper bowls, etc.

Our office in shanghai mainly focus on international trading and professional sourcing. Besides PET CUPS,PET BOTTLES,PAPER BOWLS, we can also trade other products. Our professional sourcing team can source high quality and competitive price products. We will confirm 100% inspection before shipment.

Our Shanghai sourcing office works as following process.

When customers want something we don’t produce(PET CUP,PET BOTTLE AND PAPER BOWL are supplied by our factory), we will check all the required details including color,shape,usage and printing or packing, then we will source the right product for you and get price from factories. After comparing the quality and price,we will visit the factory and evaluate the factory from many aspects such as production lines,production capacity,factory environment and their staff and quality control. Then we will chose the right one to cooperate. After their production is finished,we will dispatch dedicated quality inspectors to inspect the products. Then shipment can be arranged.

Some people may worry about the quality. In fact, we make 100% quality inspection before shipment. And also we have quality guarantee system. If you really find any problems with our products,Just send videos and pictures. We will resend good quality goods instead of the Defective product to you again.

About the price, it must be competitive. We got price after comparing at least 15 factories. We never have many profit. We have profit policy only less than 10%. We are more familiar with Chinese market and can find good supplier for you. Also you can buy anything you want from us,you don’t need to find suppliers yourselves. You may know finding supplier are so complex and not easy to find good one.

Our staff can speak English,Spanish,Arabic. Just feel free to contact us. Emails,online chatting,or call are all acceptable.

Post time: Apr-09-2021

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