PET Portion Cup

  • PET Portion Cup

    PET Portion Cup

    Recyclable; made of premium-quality polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

    • Showcase anything from signature fruit cups,tasting cups to special shrimp cocktail sauce.
    • COPAK’s PET PORTION CUP The clarity and superb lid fit adds an upscale accent to all types of menu offerings.
    • Plastic PET portion cups are ideal for serving sauces, condiments, dressings and taste testers.
    • Made from crystal clear, rigid PET which is strong and shows off your products to their best.
  • PET Sauce Cup

    PET Sauce Cup

    PET sauce cup can be called PET portion cup,PET sauce container or plastic sauce cup.They are produced for disposable usages for packing all kinds of sauces.The disposable PET sauce cups manufactured by COPAK could satisfy your need for filling tomato sauce, sate sauce and mayonaise, soy sauce etc. It is convenient for enriching the taste of your foods.

  • Sauce Cups With Lids

    Sauce Cups With Lids

    Sauce Cups With Lids

    Use sauce Cups With Lids for portioning out individual servings for parties and lunches! These plastic Sauce Cups With Lids are made of food grade PET material and they are safe enough for packing your favorite toppings and dressing like ranch, butter, hummus, and even candies or snack mixes.


    COPAKs sauce cups with lids are available in many sizes and volumes. 2OZ,3OZ,4OZ are the most popular one customers chose. You can also chose other sizes for your right food. Custom color and printing are supported. 

  • Condiment Cups With Lids

    Condiment Cups With Lids

    Condiment Cups With Lids also named Disposable Plastic Condiment Cups with Lids, Souffle Portion, Jello Shot Cups, Salad Dressing cups or sauce cups.


    Use Condiment Cups With Lids to make everyday food storage and party serving more convenient. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, holiday party, or cocktail party, these mini Condiment Cups With Lids are great choices. They also come equipped with lids, making them easy to fill with salad dressing, dips, or small snacks and pop into your lunch bag or box.

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