PET Food Container

  • Disposable Plastic Food Container

    Disposable Plastic Food Container

    In COPAK, Disposable PLASTIC food container, Resealable plastic container stores and displays salads and other cold foods. Whether you’re hosting a party or running a food servicing business, these containers are perfect for serving dishes.Clear plastic lid seals to reduce risk of leaks.

    Disposable PLASTIC food container can be rectangular and square shape or round plastic containers along with multi compartment containers.You can chose Clear deli containers or food container with sticker type.

  • PET Deli containers

    PET Deli containers

    PET Deli Containers with securely sealed Lids are made from a super clear PET material to provide exceptional visibility and protection for your cold food products. Perfect for salads, fruit ,vegetables ,deli food and yogurt. They are also 100% recyclable in your curbside recycling.

    These PET deli containers and lids are popular take out options for cold foods, sandwiches,fruits and salads. They are designed to be an attractive storage option for your edibles and available in a variety of sizes and depths.

  • Plastic salad container

    Plastic salad container

    No matter you run a restaurant or a cafe or you own a takeaway stall,COPAK feels proud to present to you plastic salad containers to help you sell your salads in a more professional finish. Your Great takeaway choice for serving cold foods: It is equally great for serving cold treats, all salad types, pastries, and snacks.

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