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Shanghai COPAK industry CO.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer for food packages. Our main products are PET cups,PET bottles and paper bowls. This channel are mainly videos of our product details. Our colleagues will keep updating our channel,new products or new ideas will be displayed here. Please click  follow. Any updates will be informed.


Locating at Shanghai,an international city and best city in China, Shanghai COPAK  now is one of the top suppliers for PET cups and PET bottles in china. And we opened now production lines this year. So the production capacity is becoming bigger and bigger. More and more people join in COPAK.  COPAK’s products can be seen all over the world.

Why customers chose us ?

1. We have material selecting system.  All the materials applied must be food grade and safe enough for food packing.  Copak is responsible to our consumers. Ensure that the cups that come out from Shanghai copak  are safe, hygienic, and meet food packaging standards.

2. High quality. We have been in this field for years. We have best engineers to Check the shape of the cup, practical performance. All of our worker have been trained before they are employeed. We imported automatic production lines and builded new workshopes. All our PET cups and PET bottles are 100% inspetion before shipment.

3. Competitive price.  Shanghai COPAK’s principle is supplying good quality products to consumers. profit is second. So we Positioning to customers at a competitive price, as far as possible to reduce various expenses under the premise of ensuring quality. Improve production efficiency, introduce advanced machines and train skilled workers. This has improved our cost advantage. Low cost, natural price will be competitive。

4. professional service. We have an excellent pre-sales and after-sales service team, and we have a dedicated customer service office. Our service staff can communicate with guests in various languages, and all your questions can be answered in a timely manner.

Post time: Aug-13-2021

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