Eco Friendly Products

  • Biodegradable food container

    Biodegradable food container

    Shanghai COPAK is founded in 2010. And our major products are PET cups,PET bottles and PET food containers. Besides we also developed PLA products. But now days,Eco friendly products are highly required to protect environment. So biodegradable food container are supplied by us. Kraft paper bowls,biodegradable food containers made from sugar crane or corn starch and so on.

  • Custom paper bowls

    Custom paper bowls

    Custom paper bowls are made from paper and PE/PLA/aluminium coating liner. Copak’s paper bowls can be customized to different sizes,volumes,shapes,colors and logo printing. Custom paper bowls are designed for packing Rice, Noodles, Fruits Dessert, Yogurt, Frozen, Portion,hot soaps,hot dishes and so on.

  • Custom printed PLA cups

    Custom printed PLA cups

    COPAK support custom printed PLA cups.Customers can custom their cup in shapes,colors,volumes,logo printed and other details. COPAK have experienced engineers,mould developing machines,skilled workers and UV-screen printing machine. All your requirements can be satisfied in COPAK.

  • Kraft paper bowl

    Kraft paper bowl

    Kraft paper bowl. Also named as disposable paper bowl, paper bowl or Biodegradable food container.It is made from paper and PLA/PE plastic and aluminium coating. It is normally designed as round shape and COPAK’s kraft paper bowl are ideal for soups, stews, pasta, salads, boiled cereals, as well as for ice cream, nuts, dried fruit and other products. Freeze resistant and not deformed. It is possible to apply branded print.

  • Paper bowl

    Paper bowl

    Paper bowl,also named as Biodegradable Eco friendly food container,kraft paper bowl,salad paper bowl,is designed to round shape and paper material. These containers are ideal for soups, stews, pasta, salads, boiled cereals, as well as for ice cream, nuts, dried fruit and other products. Freeze resistant and not deformed. These disposable paper bowls can hold food ranging from meats to veggies to sauces. We provide bowls in a variety of sizes to handle everything from side dishes to super-sized entrees. 

  • Paper bowl with lids

    Paper bowl with lids

    Compostable paper Bowls with Lids – 100% Biodegradable. Shanghai COPAK’s paper bowls are optional with various volumes and sizes. Our paper bowls are made of Kraft paper or white paper. Both of them can be lined with PE/PLA/Aluminium coating. Referring to the lids, you can chose paper lid,pp lid,OPS lid or PET lid.

  • PLA Bottle

    PLA Bottle

    Besides PET beverage cups,food containers and PET juice bottles,COPAK is also expert in Compostable PLA bottles. We can design,develop new products,normal produce and international trade PLA bottles with skill experiences. Our production begins from setting product design,mold making,blow molding,injection molding,printing,labeling processing and packed and shipment. PLA caps for PLA bottles are also of various choice.

  • PLA Bottle In China

    PLA Bottle In China

    Shanghai COPAK industry Co., Ltd. offers premium quality Biodegradable PlA Bottle in China. Our Compos-table PlA plastic Bottles are widely popular among importers and distributors worldwide. Located in China and deals exclusively in the production and export of PLA Bottles,COPAK can produce high quality products and supply professional international trading service. We are the best supplier for PLA bottle in china.

  • PLA Bottle Manufacturer

    PLA Bottle Manufacturer

    Shanghai COPAK Industry Co., LTD, established in 2010, with sales office in Shanghai and factory in Zhejiang. COPAK was firstly founded as a supplier of plastic bags and food packaging film. In 2015, we started the business of PET cups and PET bottles. Nowadays, green products are getting people’s attention. Copak get to use more and more environmental friendly materials, like RPET and PLA. Now COPAK are also PLA bottles manufacturer and PLA cup manufacturer.



    Shanghai COPAK Industry CO.,LTD based in Shanghai,China,is a professional company for food packages such as beverage cups,juice bottles,food containers,salad containers of PET and PLA material.

    Referring to COPAK’s PLA products are made from sugar cane bagasse,cornstarch. Our PLA products include PLA cups,PLA food containers,PLA bottles. They are widely used by supermarket,fast chain shop,bars,juice shops and so on for packing cold drinks such as beverages,juice,smoothies,milk,tea,coffee,ice cream and so on.

  • PLA Cup China

    PLA Cup China

    We are mainly engaged in plastic packages with more than ten years experience in the production of plastic disposable tableware.Our main product are food grade PET cups,PET bottles,PET food containers,PET bottles. In recent years,in order to cater to the needs of environmental protection,we have continuously increased factory equipment to produce environmentally friendly and beautiful catering-related products. PLA containers,PLA bottles,PLA cups china are our Eco friendly products.

  • PLA Cup Manufacturer

    PLA Cup Manufacturer

    Shanghai COPAK industry Co.,LTD produce a variety of food packages of PET materials and PLA materials. Besides PET cups and PET bottles,we are so the best PLA cup manufacturer in china. 

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