PET beverage bottles

  • Cylinder plastic bottles

    Cylinder plastic bottles

    Cylinder plastic Bottles are tall and narrow bottles, similar to Bullet Bottles, but they have squared off shoulders (sometimes with a slight taper) and straight sides that offers a tall decorating area. The opening of the bottle is narrower than the rest of the bottle.

    Cylinder plastic bottles are made of PET.PET plastic possesses characteristics such as durability, good clarity, a good moisture barrier, and tends to be impact resistant.

  • 12oz plastic bottles

    12oz plastic bottles

    Shanghai COPAK industry Co.,LTD is a major supplier of plastic bottles used in the food & beverage industry for sauces, juices, drinks, honeys, oils, milks,tea,iced coffees and more.COPAK carries a large selection of wholesale and surplus plastic bottles including PET,PLA. The volume of our PET bottles varies from 6oz to 32oz.

     8oz,12oz,16oz and 12oz plastic bottles are the most popularly required PET bottles. In COPAK’s ware house,12oz plastic bottles are always in stock and ready to ship. For our 12oz plastic bottles,you can find round PET bottles,square PET bottles,cylinder PET bottles or custom shape PET bottles. Colors up to customers choice. Price will be the most favorable for new and old customers.

  • 8oz PET Plastic bottles

    8oz PET Plastic bottles

    Shanghai COPAK is a professional manufacturer for PET products for food packages. Our main products are PET bottles for beverage,smoothies,milkshakes,coffee,teal,milk,boba tea and so on.We also supply PET cups for the same usage and food containers. All of our products are for food field. So our workshops and materials and production process are all food grade.

    COPAK’s PET bottles varies from 6oz to 32oz. 12oz PET bottles and 16oz PET bottles are the mostly popular size. Our 8OZ PET plastic bottles are of 240-280ml. They are applied by fast food shop,bars,beverage shops and many other kinds of shops. Founded from 2010,we have many years experiences in PET plastic bottle field, our products have been exported to EU,USA,Middles east and Asia. We enjoy great reputation from our customers.

  • 12oz PET bottles

    12oz PET bottles

    In COPAK,you can find PET bottles with various volume and shape. We commonly supply packaging for cold pressed juice companies, smoothies, energy drinks, beer, protein drinks, coconut water, teas, milks, water, kombucha and more. Ordering 12oz PET bottles are as simple as adding the product to your cart. If you have any questions just give us a call or send us email. Our online account is also accessible.

    12oz PET bottles,you can find the shape of cylinder PET bottles,round PET bottles,square PET bottles, Honey bear PET bottles,soda PET cans and so on. You can also send us a sample, developing department can make new mould also. Totally same as your samples.

  • 16oz PET bottles

    16oz PET bottles

    Shanghai COPAK Industry Co.,LTD is a leading plastic container supplier in China. Since the beginning in 2010, our packaging experts have helped clients with their specific packaging and bottle printing needs. We can provide custom packaging solutions in addition to providing a variety of bottle decorating services. You can brand these bottles by adding your own professional label.Perfect for starting your own fresh juice drink business.

    Whether it is Boston round, plastic cylinder bottles, PET square bottles, wide mouth bottles, Small mouth bottles or other shapes, they are all for food package. The volume varies from 4oz to 32oz. But 12oz PET bottles and 16oz PET bottles are the most popular volumes customers buy.

  • 16oz Plastic bottles

    16oz Plastic bottles

    Shanghai COPAK’s 16oz plastic bottles (480ml) is manufactured for cold pressed juices, smoothies, teas, energy drinks, coffees, coconut water, protein drinks, and so on. These16oz plastic bottles are not hot-fill compatible and can only withstand temperatures up to 60 degrees. It is highly recommended for anything less than 60 degrees to undergo testing prior to purchase.

    You can choose square PET bottles, cylinder PET bottles, Round PET bottles, honey bear bottles, lamp PET bottles and PET soda cans. All of the above shapes have capacity of 16oz 480ml or 500 ml.

  • 500cc PET bottle

    500cc PET bottle

    We developed many shapes and caps for 500cc PET bottles. 500cc PET bottles can be called 480ml PET bottles or 500ml PET bottles,16oz PET bottles. Their mouth can be big or small.  While big mouth PET bottle are equipped with caps with or without a hole in the center. The cap can be plastic or aluminum cap.

  • 500ml PET bottles

    500ml PET bottles

    COPAK has created many different 500ml PET bottles. The 500ml PET bottle is made in different neck sizes; In order to satisfy the markets requirements, we have created several designs for the 500ml PET bottles.

    A popular 500ml PET bottle is the Boston Round, this is one of the most commonly used PET bottles in the market. We created the 500ml PET bottle in many different shapes: Round, cylinder,Oval and Square. With these shapes we can provide a wide range of 500ml bottles.

  • Boston Round Bottles

    Boston Round Bottles

    Boston Round bottles are characterized by their cylindrical shape and short curved shoulder. Boston Round bottles are strong, dense bottles.COPAK’s boston round bottles are made from PET or PLA materials.

    These clear Boston round bottles are a versatile choice for food, beverages and body care products.Traditionally can also be used for pharmaceutical, chemical and laboratory applications, popular uses break the mold and extend across most markets today. 

  • BPA Free Plastic bottles

    BPA Free Plastic bottles

    Bisphenol-A, better known as BPA, is an additive that has been used with plastic resins to make polycarbonate (#7) plastic since the 1960s, most often in the packaging used for food and beverages. It might be better known to you because so many plastic products now claim proudly that they are “BPA-free.” The alternative is often bisphenol-S (BPS), and BPS is just as bad.

  • clear PET bottle

    clear PET bottle

    Whether you are looking for white, natural, colored or Clear PET bottles, COPAK’s packaging experts can help you find the right size, shape, and price for your special needs. If you are not sure which plastic bottle style is right for you, consult with our team. We’ll be happy to send out a free sample of your choice to ensure you are confident in your purchase.

    Our clear PET bottles are made from PET,RPET,PLA Resin. From ml size, oz size, liter, and gallon size. Various shapes include boston round, bullet, Cosmo round, round packer, and wide-mouth rounds. We also have a full inventory of square, rectangular, and cylinder-shaped bottles for a unique look. The clear plastic bottles possess an almost glass-like clarity offering the sophisticated look of glass, along with the lightweight less fragile convenience of plastic.  If you are looking for a particular shape and size not listed, give us a call at +86 18621606165 for a custom quote.

  • clear plastic beverage bottles

    clear plastic beverage bottles

    The shanghai COPAK company carries a large selection of beverage bottles including the clear plastic beverage bottles and custom plastic bottles. Our clear plastic beverage bottles are made of clear plastic Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). They are shaped square PET bottles,modern round PET bottles,cylinder PET bottles,french square PET bottles and many other shapes. These popular empty clear plastic beverage bottles can be filled with smoothies, cold press juices, protein shakes, vegetable juices, iced coffee, milk, apple juice, Lemonade, green tea’s or use for dressings, syrups, sauce, and much more.Sizes are available in small 2 oz. bottles to larger 32 oz bottles. 

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