PET Bottles

  • plastic PET bottle

    plastic PET bottle

    This Plastic PET bottle is called YLD PET bottle in Shanghai copak industry company.

    The available volume is : 350ml; 500ml;700ml;1000ml

    The weight is about :37g/pc

    The color aoption: clear color/ blue color /oringe color or other colors. It is up to customers choice.

    The Cap: we also have other caps for this bottle. Aluminium and plastic caps.

  • Food grade plastic bottles

    Food grade plastic bottles

    When it comes to finding and creating Food grade plastic bottles, it’s vital to understand whether a plastic is considered to be food-safe or not. Many government develops regulations regarding Food grade plastic. In Canada, Health Canada oversees these regulations. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) creates the regulations. however, they have similar requirements. Food grade plastic must meet certain standards of purity. It cannot contain dyes, other additives or recycled plastic products deemed harmful to humans. Food grade plastic can contain some levels of recycled materials as long as those materials fit the guidelines and regulations outlined by the regulatory agency.

  • PET Beverage Containers

    PET Beverage Containers

    PET beverage containers are light, unbreakable and, thanks to these advantages, very widely used.

    COPAK’s PET container are mainly designed for beverages such as  plain drinking water, milk, coffee, tea, Smoothie, juice and soft drinks. We have both clear PET beverage containers and printed PET beverage containers. Cylinder PET BOTTLES, Square PET bottles, honey bear bottles, PET CANS, PET POP CANS,PET Boston bottles and so on.

    All COPAK’S PET beverage containers are manufactured in dust free workshop and meet international food grade standards. We are reliable producer and have perfect aftersales service system. All your complains will be solved.

  • custom plastic bottles

    custom plastic bottles

    COPAK is the leading manufacturer of custom plastic packaging. We are capable to make plastic packages including universal plastic bottles and plastic cups, and also custom plastic bottles and custom plastic cups and accessories are supplied in COPAK. As a professional plastic packaging manufacturer, we experienced in custom plastic bottles,plastic cups and containers design and manufacturing for more than 10 years.

  • wholesale PET bottles

    wholesale PET bottles

    Shanghai COPAK industry Co.,LTD features one of the largest inventories of bulk and wholesale plastic bottles available anywhere.Bulk and Wholesale PET plastic bottles are in-stock everyday at COPAK. As a leading expert on plastic containers, the COPAK packaging specialists house an extensive inventory of various wholesale PET bottle shapes and sizes.

    The plastic bottles are designed to meet the large-scale demands of industries specializing in personal care, food packages and beverage packages.Our inventory of wholesale PET bottles include Boston round plastic bottles, plastic cylinder bottles, plastic square bottles,wide mouth plastic bottles in a variety of colors, and nearly every combination of plastic bottle closure. 

  • PET Cans

    PET Cans

    We are manufacturer of PET Cans for beverages. PET Can is a unique combination of PET Jar with Easy to open metal lid. COPAK PET cans combine PET bodies with aluminum lids, combining properties of cans and bottles. The PET CANs improve the performance and branding potential of conventional cans and bottles.

  • 500cc PET bottle

    500cc PET bottle

    We developed many shapes and caps for 500cc PET bottles. 500cc PET bottles can be called 480ml PET bottles or 500ml PET bottles,16oz PET bottles. Their mouth can be big or small.  While big mouth PET bottle are equipped with caps with or without a hole in the center. The cap can be plastic or aluminum cap.

  • PET bottle Manufacturer in china

    PET bottle Manufacturer in china

    COPAK Industries are the leaders in beverage Packaging Solutions In China.

    As PET bottle manufacturer in china,all our production process meet china’s food grade regulations. And also We are certified with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, FDA for exporting to USA.  And passed Food Safety System Certification to keep ahead with the current market demands and trends for better quality packaging solutions produced under a hygienic environment.

  • Square juice bottles

    Square juice bottles

    Shanghai COPAK industry Co.,LTD offers a variety of sizes and quantities of square juice bottles in various of square shapes variations. These variants differ in the neck design, height,volume design,width and cap design.These square juice bottles are the perfect way to stylishly package and sell juices, smoothies, lemonades, iced coffees, and other refreshing beverages!

  • Plastic Bottle Factories

    Plastic Bottle Factories

    Shanghai COPAK industry company LTD has more than ten production lines for PET and PLA bottles. With strict quality management system and occupational health and safety management system,our company have been an plastic bottle factory for many years. We mainly produce PET cups,PET food containers,PET bottles and PLA products.

    COPAK has introduced advanced technical strength equipment.There are multi functional bronzing,automatic screen printing machine. Packing according to the pharmaceutical packaging standards to ensure health and safety.

  • Plastic Juice Bottles

    Plastic Juice Bottles

    selecting a unique plastic juice bottle size or shape is your first step to stand out from the competition when you’re investing in plastic bottles with caps for drinks. We provide a wide range of wholesale plastic juice bottles and plastic juice cups to suit any beverage. 

  • OEMODM PET Bottle

    OEMODM PET Bottle

    OEM stands for original equipment manufacturing and ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturing.   This is specified and eventually branded by another firm for sale. Such companies allow the brand firm to produce without having to engage in the organization or running of a factory. These are widely used in food packages,cosmetics, personal care, medicines and many more.

    We are are professional manufacturer for PET bottles and cups for food packages. The PET bottles and cups can be applied for beverages and juice. Iced coffee,ice cream,teal,milk,milkshakes, smoothies and other beverages can also be packed. They are normally used in bars,fast food shops,smoothie shops and so on. And we have successful cooperated in OEM/ODM PET bottle with many famous chains or shops such as STARBUCKS,KFC,BLUEFROG,MC and so on.

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